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phpStorm Code Standards Configuration Package (for eZ Publish PHP)

phpStorm Code Standards Configuration Package (for eZ Publish PHP)

Friday 18 November 2011 3:15:03 am - 3 replies

Hello eZ Community,

I just recently tried out the phpStorm editor for the first time and while learning available options I see that you can share the configuration settings related code standards / code formatting guide rules (say for eZ Publish PHP for a specific example) as some form of exported package (say to share with your development team to ensure the code is more standard).


Which got me to wondering if any others in the eZ Community have already created such a package and if so ... is there any other interest in sharing such a solution. This topic seems to come up off and on for various other editors and ide(s) so I thought I would chime in today with my question.

If such a thing has not yet been done. What would be the best doc on the rules to use while creating such a package?


I was thinking of something similar to this other such project on the net,


Though it might be worth mentioning that some users of both eZ Publish templates and Smarty templates have reported possible issues with eZ Publish templates being detected as Smarty (understandably) and this causing some problems for them (using both but not able to prevent smarty usage without disabling it's detection entirely, something I found while searching in their forums,;jsessionid=8255A76CED85405DCDF9CADD558FD904 


I'd love to hear from other users of eZ Publish and phpStorm in the eZ Community!




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Monday 03 December 2012 11:17:44 am

I added a feature request in JetBrains Bugtracker for the support of eZ Publish templates in PHPStorm.

Please vote for this task to make them integrating it soon blunk.gif Emoticon

Saturday 23 August 2014 11:54:15 pm


kracker told me today that he added a node on eZpedia on this subject.

On the page it tells you how to get and install php code style from eZ System for your eZ Publish PHP!

Best Wishes


Saturday 23 August 2014 11:57:13 pm

Hello Heath,

That's right. I added the page to make it simple to explain to users how to get phpStorm code style now.

@Michael - I voted for your feature request today as well. Best of luck. I added a comment too.




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