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Postgres error "integer out of range" on ezcontentobject_attribute.data_int

Postgres error "integer out of range" on ezcontentobject_attribute.data_int

Thursday 27 March 2014 3:28:02 pm - 2 replies


when I enter a date greater than January 19, 2038, ez legacy on postgresql produces a db error like:

 Error: error executing query: UPDATE ezcontentobject_attribute SET language_id=2, contentclassattribute_id=3408,
    attribute_original_id=0, sort_key_int=2556054000, sort_key_string='',
    data_type_string='ezdate', data_text='', data_int=2556054000, data_float=0.000000 WHERE  id='33806' AND contentobject_id='3050' AND version='5' AND language_code='ita-IT': ERROR:  integer out of range

I have not found similar problems in sad.gif Emoticon

I have to correct the structure of the db? Something like:

 ALTER TABLE ezcontentobject_attribute ALTER COLUMN data_int TYPE BIGINT;

Make sense?

Thanks for the help!


Thursday 27 March 2014 3:35:34 pm

Ok sorry...

I understand that is a problem as old as time ...

Thursday 27 March 2014 8:28:51 pm

Uhm... Same problem in eZInteger datatype, not only eZDate/eZDateTime!

I cannot store an integer value greater then 2147483647...

Anyone can help me?


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