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Problem after restore from trash

Problem after restore from trash

Saturday 20 August 2011 1:47:31 pm - 3 replies


Yesterday my client deleted a folder containing articles and other files.
The folder were not restored for the same location automatically: I choose the location and my folder's node id passed from 65 to 1623 sad.gif Emoticon
With this, I had to change my templates in order to replate references to node id 65 to node id 1623.

After that I tested and it was ok! When I try to open the website in another language (defaut is PT, other languages are ES and ENG), I have no template attached to the folder.

I checked override.ini files and all the three are equal.
Do I need to change anything else? I'm a little bit desperate!!
Thank for your help!!
Filipe - Portugal

Wednesday 12 September 2012 10:02:43 am

Best thing to avoid such problem is to Enter the numbers by EZINI and put the Node Id in your Ini files and then you just need to change them once.

Do Not hard-Code Node id in Templates

 and Answer to question is not , of course as long as you have not deleted the "Class" and it is only 'Object'

Wednesday 12 September 2012 10:38:51 am

Clear all caches.

For your override.ini file, when you want to declare a template for a view, use Match[object]=contentobject_id instead of 'node'

Modified on Wednesday 12 September 2012 10:40:18 am by Fabrice Perez

Thursday 20 September 2012 6:16:55 pm

Take a look at this contribution

you may need to make a few code tweaks to get it working in your version of ez, but it does pretty much exactly what you want.


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