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Problem Creating a user

Problem Creating a user

Friday 06 June 2003 10:11:55 am - 3 replies

Hello Everyone,

I have downloaded/installed the eZ Publush Version 3, and have created a new user using the Admin Section, but am not able to log-in with the user created. It says the 'valid username and password is required to login'. Any idea as to what the problem could be????

While i think it should be sending in an email to the new user created, where it should provide a link to activate the account, as this is the how it works when u try to create a new account on the site, but no e-mails are even sent to the email address provided for the new user.

Thanks in advance.


Friday 06 June 2003 1:54:59 pm

Just to add up to my previous/inital post, i am using microsoft 2000 server, and regarding the configuration, i have also configured the mail settings in the site.ini file in accordance to SMTP Server i am using, but its still not working.

Friday 06 June 2003 9:01:52 pm

In regards to the mail server settings... If Exchange 2000 server is not sending any messages you might have 'mail relay' settings turn off.

Follow this steps if you have Microsoft Exchange 2000 server:

1. Open the 'Exchange System Manager'
2. Collapse the 'server' container
3. Collapse the 'server name' container
4. Collapse the 'protocols' container
5. Collapse the 'SMTP' container
6. Right-click 'Default SMTP Vitual Server' container and select properties
7. Click on the 'Access' tab
8. Click on the 'Relay" button in the 'Relay restrictions' section
9. Make sure 'Only the list below' radio button is selected
10. Make sure to check the 'Allow all computers whicj successfully authenticate to relay, regardless of the list above'

Note: The web server IP address does NOT need to be added to the list.

I hope this helps you solve your problem. Let me know.


Saturday 07 June 2003 9:41:41 am

Hello Geo,

Thanks for the prompt reply,as for the Exchange Server Setting, i am not using the MicroSoft Exchange Server, we have some other mail server for emailing, but the machine/server i have installed eZPublish on the network and i have an outlook express email client installed here, which uses the same SMTP ip for sending the mails and i works fine, so i dont really think mail relaying would be the problem (just an assumption).

Just to add further, i have downloaded the ezPublish-3.0.2 version for Windows NT, and the patch (for mailsettings) i have modified in the siti.ini file in the '/settings' folder is as follows:

# The type of transport for emails, can be either sendmail or SMTP
# Window users should probably use SMTP
# Configuration for SMTP
TransportServer= [ip address of the smtp server]
TransportUser= [valid user id]
TransportPassword= [valid pass]
# The address which will be set at the sender of the e-mail as default

I have even tried using the MailTransport as sendmail, with the rest of the options set to empty, but that doesnt work as well???, i even came accross a post in the forum, where it was told to change the 'MailTransport =[transport type]' to 'Transport=[transport type]' but that doesnt work as well.
Another thing that might be informative is that on there official site '', when i try to create a new user, after creating the user it shows a page/subpages where it says something like 'An email has been sent to email-address, follow the instructions to activate the account', but on creating the user through the admin section on my machine, no such page/subpages with such text is shown, so i am not even sure, whether an email would be sent to activate the user and if not then why isnt the user-id created working, though it creates the user successfully.

Would appreciate ur help in this, as i am totally new on this tool, and have no clue as to where things are going wrong.

Thanks in advance.




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