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Problem with email sender in feedback_form.tpl

Problem with email sender in feedback_form.tpl

Thursday 03 November 2005 2:16:18 pm - 2 replies


I'm using the template of the "contact_us" module to make something similar, the difference is that due to the fact that the users are authenticated in a LDAP server, the field of "your e-mail" must not be as a recollector of information because when the user authenticates, this information (the email of the user) comes from the LDAP server... Nowadays when a user sents a mail, the sender always has the mail of the administrat, i override "site.ini" to change this information but all mails sents, they come with the same sender (who is the mail of the adiminstrador).

In advantace gratefull for your help to solve this problem...

Sunday 17 December 2006 9:01:45 am

has anyone found a solution for this yet?

Monday 18 December 2006 9:29:35 am

You can use this option to set the email sender to any address you want in the mail template:

{set-block scope=root variable=email_sender}email@sender.com{/set-block}

hope this helps!


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