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Problem with Internet Explorer 9 and 7

Problem with Internet Explorer 9 and 7

Monday 05 March 2012 7:34:49 pm - 3 replies

Hello ;

I have a odd problem in related with my css in internet explorer.

there are some elements which repeat each time ,

like i have a div for which i have put a border bottom and i have two line !! or all the a, h1, h2, h... s are a link to my last menu item!!!

Can anyone tell me how does css works in ez publish!?

thanks alot

Modified on Tuesday 06 March 2012 10:15:32 am by Yara lo

Monday 05 March 2012 9:24:49 pm

Hi Yara,

If your eZ installation is based on ezwebin the default css files used are located inside /var/storage/packages/eZ-systems/ezwebin_design_blue/files/default/file/ directory.

Internet explorer (due to its well-known and often annoying self-interpretation of the css) has its own css files to overcome the exceptions which are located, again if you are using ezwebin, inside /extension/ezwebin/design/ezwebin/stylesheets/browsers/ directory.

p.s. Instead of altering those files I suggest you to create your own extension and local style package to customize style and layout of your web site.

Tuesday 06 March 2012 9:38:39 am

Lo; Hello and Thank you very much for your reposnse, but i use ezflow , and i didnt find what u explained in this folder. have u got any suggestion? 

In my codes i have ie5 and ie7 css but they are almost empty.

But IT IS SO BIZZARE!!!!! i have the codes which repeate twice! i have a div with a text inside, (and i have written it just once) but i have twice my gray background of my div!!!! 

and i have a class "menu_8" that contain all the a, h, and p s!!! 

everything that i click goes to my last menu link!


Modified on Tuesday 06 March 2012 10:25:06 am by Yara lo

Wednesday 07 March 2012 1:10:50 am

Are you using the original ezflow extension or have created another extension based on the original one? By the way, if you enable the inline debug for you siteaccess from admin interface in the right panel of your dashboard it will show you which templates are used in your website page parts. After you set the debug mode (you need to select your siteaccess first from the drop-down select then check the first, second and forth checkbox if I am not wrong - right now I am not logged in - not the redirect one) you need to empty the cache to see your inline debug. About the style, you'd better create a new style package from setup > packages by uploading your own site-colors.css and classes-colors.css locally and then set those as the default from design > look and feel.

Modified on Wednesday 07 March 2012 1:13:44 am by Lo' F.


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