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Problem with timeline in ezFlow

Problem with timeline in ezFlow

Thursday 22 May 2008 12:37:30 pm - 3 replies

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to get acquainted with the functionality of eZ Flow, but I have a problem getting the timeline to work.

When viewing a frontpage with delayed publications and moving the cursor to a point on the timeline when the publication should appear, it just says "Loading, please wait..." in the top right, but nothing happens. (Moving it to a point in time with no delayed publication works like it should.)

Also firebug reports the following error:
YAHOO.util.Dom.get(blockID) has no properties
[Break on this error] YAHOO.util.Dom.get( blockID ).innerHTML = xhtml;

I don't see this issue either discussed or reported as a bug, so I guess there is something wrong with my installation.

Does anyone how an idea about what the reason for this error might be?


Friday 23 May 2008 9:25:58 am

Hi Atle,

If you are able to reproduce it in repeatable steps then it is a bug. Could you report this problem in the issue tracker?

Wednesday 23 June 2010 10:44:03 am

Hello, hope this helps :

I had the same error, it happens when one of the block templates contains a javascript error, and your script stops when the timeline.js tries to "eval" the downloaded code.

Around line 320 of timeline.js :

Replace :

return eval( script );


try{ eval( script ); } catch(e) { alert('The error was in the block !'); }

Monday 03 December 2012 4:37:40 pm

Such bug indeed appears when one of block contains JS error. It happens now by default on clean (2012.6) ezflow demo content installation because of Banner block, as it contains some JS ads.

So the easiest solution is to remove Banner block from layout attribute, no need to edit timeline.js


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