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Problem with translations marked as "unfinished" on eZP 4.7.0

Problem with translations marked as "unfinished" on eZP 4.7.0

Wednesday 12 September 2012 1:48:53 pm - 1 reply

Hi all,

first of all, thanks for reading.

The problem: We have an installation of ezp 4.7.0 with some extensions. On one of our custom extensions we have generated the corresponding translation.ts file, and only translated strings of our custom "contexts" so all strings on standard contexts are left in an "unfinished" type on .ts file. The problem is that in this ezp version, the actual strings from standard .ts files are not used, if an "unfinished" string appears on the .ts file in our extension the string is treated as "un-translated" and source text is shown in templates.

This all seems to be a bug in this version, but as I don't find any info about a similar issue, perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

The same setup, same extensions, and same .ts files, works fine as expected on a 4.1.3 install.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Monday 17 September 2012 3:56:46 pm

Nobody found a similar issue?



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