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Probleme with my images

Probleme with my images

Thursday 26 June 2008 2:57:23 pm - 11 replies


I didn't see my images (section Standard or Media). But, I have an anonymous user with these roles and policies:

        content  	read  	Section( Standard ) 
        content 	pdf 	 Section( Standard )
        rss 	          feed    No limitations 
	user 	         login   SiteAccess( demonstrateur_ez ) 
	user 	         login 	 SiteAccess( )
	user 	         login 	 SiteAccess( ) 
	content 	read 	Class( Flash , Image , Banner ) , Section( Media ) 
	user 	         login 	  SiteAccess( )

What's wrong?


Tuesday 01 July 2008 2:04:32 pm

I didn't have my solution! sad.gif Emoticon

If I published an image (the class), with one image. I see this image.
But If I imported an image in the online editor. I didn't see my image.
I don't understand why!

And I see in my first page, the message

No relation

. Then I try to override this template:


But no changes with my images!

Help, please

Tuesday 01 July 2008 2:29:03 pm

Could you be a bit more specific to where you are seeing this issue?

As in is it only in editor or is it everywhere after you have used the editor to upload the image?
Do you use a custom or the standard class for images ('image')?
What kind of image type is this, do you get the same problem with different types?

Tuesday 01 July 2008 3:15:37 pm

I have this probleme in all pages of my site.

For exemple, I download to Internet an image .jpg
After I join this image in a description to a folder (the logo is a trombone in the editor on line).
And when I published my folder, i see the link to acceed to image and not image.

Tuesday 01 July 2008 3:28:32 pm

The message 'No relation' it's only on my home page!

When I upload my image with trombone, I have this probleme, but if I upload in attribute standard image of standards classes, I don't have probleme.
And I try with image JPG and PNG, and the probleme is the same.

Tuesday 01 July 2008 4:16:32 pm

I guess you mean the attachment icon when you say 'trombone'.

Take a look at what kind of class is generated in the media section for the images you upload with Online Editor or relations upload. If they are of class "File" or something else instead of "Image", then you have some issues in your upload.ini settings file (file mime type to eZ Publish class mapping).

Tuesday 01 July 2008 5:11:05 pm

That's right! When I said 'trombone' I talk about attachment icon, sorry.

And I verify the type of my images upload, in section media, there are all type Image.And it's the same in my relations.

Thursday 03 July 2008 11:35:25 am

There is something that I do not understand !!!!! : '(

On my instance of ez publish 4.0.0, I have several siteaccess.
For siteaccess default I can see my pictures "directly", but for that I siteaccess
created when I downloaded an image in the on-line editor, by the attachment icon (trombone), I get the link to the image.
In the case of my siteaccess I have my own design (and others design are ezwebin and base)

I noticed that for the siteaccess ezwebin_site to view the images it uses the template:

<! - START: including template: extension / ezwebin / design / ezwebin / override / templates / embed / image.tpl
  (design: content / view / embed.tpl) ->

And this template is not used for my siteaccess, it uses:

<! - START: including template: design / standard / templates / content / view / embed.tpl
(design: content / view / embed.tpl) ->

Why my siteaccess (which I created) do not use the template image.tpl?
Yet I request that one of my design is ezwebin .......

thank you in advance

Thursday 03 July 2008 11:11:06 pm

When you upload an image through the Online Editor, do you see the image in the popup after the upload?

On that very same page is a dropdown with options how you'd like to display it (embed, embed-inline, ...). Which option do you use there?

Friday 04 July 2008 8:40:17 am

When I upload an image through the Online Editor, I see the image in the popup after the upload !

And I select the view embed in the dropdown to the same page.

Friday 04 July 2008 12:19:44 pm

> Why my siteaccess (which I created) do not use the template image.tpl?
> Yet I request that one of my design is ezwebin .......

Your missing a override then.

Form ezwebin (settings/siteaccess/<ezewebin_frontsiteaccess_name>/override.ini.append.php):


There are also a lot of other overrides in ezwebin that you might want to have in your siteaccess.
When I create a new siteaccess I tend to copy an existing one and change it to my needs, might be something you should do as well blunk.gif Emoticon

Update: And remember to clear cache (first and foremost template override cache)

Modified on Friday 04 July 2008 12:20:38 pm by André R

Monday 07 July 2008 10:54:38 am

Thanks happy.gif Emoticon

My probleme is resolu.
Effectively, when I write these lines, that work!


blunk.gif Emoticon


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