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Problems with cache

Problems with cache

Wednesday 08 December 2004 9:22:37 am - 4 replies


We are implementing an extranet, we started building it from the intranet package. Some customisation was necessary to put all funcionality incluinding an extension.

We have 4 siteaccess (lets say, portuguese, english, admin and intranet).
If a user publish information using intranet siteaccess, this information is immediately seen in intranet and admin siteaccess, however, it is not visible neither in portuguese or english siteaccess until you clear the content cache.

Once cleared content cache the information is available in all siteaccess.

Any idea how to avoid this?

Thanks in advance,


Thursday 09 December 2004 12:26:54 pm


try to put this to your site.ini.append.php in settings/override directory


Thursday 09 December 2004 4:40:40 pm

Thanks Roman.

I did that but i still have the same problem in some areas. I check cache-blocks and i have none on those areas.

Any other ideas?


Friday 10 December 2004 8:04:57 am

Hmm check the various site access var and cache folder settings. They should all be similar.

Friday 10 December 2004 9:14:15 am

Hi Tore

They are all the same.



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