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Redirection after login

Redirection after login

Monday 14 February 2011 8:38:34 pm - 1 reply

I am having trouble with the redirection after a user tries to login in the administration interface. What is happening is that when a user enters their credentials and clicks 'login' they are not taken to the first page in the system. Instead they are shown the login page again with no errors or warnings mind you. Thus if they try to login a 2nd time, everything works perfectly.
Unfortunately, when I enable the 'DebugRedirection' in site.ini, I can't reproduce the problem. I simply see the information presented as 'Redirecting to /' and then I click the redirect button and find myself at the first page in the system.

However, the problem not only exists for login, but logout as well. When a user tries to logout of the system, they are redirected to the page they tried to logout from. On the 2nd attempt to logout, the user can successfully logout. Once again, if I turn on 'DebugRedirection', I can't reproduce the problem.

Is there any other way to debug this problem?



Tuesday 15 February 2011 6:21:01 am

In one case I encountered a similar behavior and it was pretty hard to debug: a bad url in an image (/css/js) link that pointed to '/' means that the "last accessed uri" was being reset within the user's session. So whenevr users logged in, they were redirected to homepage instead of where they were supposed to. Thanks firebug for being able to find that out...


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