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Reduce Number of Version and clean DB?

Reduce Number of Version and clean DB?

Thursday 29 December 2005 4:47:39 pm - 1 reply


I reduced


in content.ini to "3"

So the number of versions should be reduced to 3

But there are still up to 10 versions in my database. I think I have to run some script to delete all old versions. Is there such a script?


Modified on Thursday 29 December 2005 4:48:22 pm by Peter Schnuerer

Thursday 29 December 2005 5:19:27 pm

./bin/php/flatten.php --help

eZ publish database flattening.

Will remove data that is not considered currently in use to minimize the amount of database data it consumes

I think that's going to delete all the archived versions, not only those > 3.

I only used it as a tool to clean the database at the end of my dev before launching the site.



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