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Refresh eZ Flow block's cache

Refresh eZ Flow block's cache

Tuesday 06 December 2011 10:49:21 pm - 2 replies


I've a little issue:

My homepage is an ezflow frontage. One of the zones has a '2 items (manual)' block which is linking to an 'Article' node. That article has an embed image from the 'Media' library.

When I update the article itself, no problem the homepage frontend gets updated. But if I update the embedded image then I need to clear the caches.

It's on eZ Community Project 4.2011 by the way.


Wednesday 07 December 2011 1:41:50 am

Hi Huy

I wonder if you could automatically clear the "Article" cache when the image is updated using the viewcache.ini ClearRelationTypes setting? 


Wednesday 07 December 2011 8:27:29 pm

Hi Bruce

Updating the image would clear the article view cache but not the ezflow bloc on the frontpage.

Will try few values to see if it escalate till the block


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