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Register or Customer? Why not both?

Register or Customer? Why not both?

Tuesday 03 July 2007 4:04:15 pm - 3 replies

Trying to set up an eCommerce website.

If I set the Handler in the shopaccount.ini to ezuser, then on checkout a customer is created, but it uses the Anonymous User account is used. If I change it to ezdefault, then it forces them to login or register, but then creates an anonymous customer.

Why can't the system do both, create a customer and require a user account to be created in the checkout process? It doesn't entirely make sense how this would be achieved. Everything the store will be selling is subscription based, so I really need both to be a requirement.

Thursday 05 July 2007 12:07:38 pm

With some additional extensions you can!

You would need the following
1) Custom shopaccount handler
2) Custom user content class
3) Custom shop module extension (for the custom user/register view)

There are some examples scattered around the community now of these dependencies.

eZ Authorize (svn trunk branch) has some supporting examples which are dependent on these custom features and provides an example custom shop account handler as a reference (re: #1).


Thursday 05 July 2007 12:19:25 pm

Well ...

eZ Authorize's example shopaccount handler (re: #1) is a start but ...

At some point it would be more useful however to have an example implementation / project available which we could point to as direct example this is true.

Still these are fairly simple to create (re: #2 / #3) with the right application of determination and programing.

Perhaps in the future we will have an opportunity to use http://projects.ez.no to offer these dependencies as ready to use out of the box extensions? Your support is most welcome blunk.gif Emoticon


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Thursday 05 July 2007 12:44:42 pm

Hey Jason,

Did you see the recent release of the recurringorders extension! http://projects.ez.no/recurringorders

This might be useful to provide for the requirements you mention.


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