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Registered users

Registered users

Saturday 12 February 2011 7:05:40 pm - 5 replies


What function returns all registered users?



Saturday 12 February 2011 7:53:42 pm

{fetch( content, list, hash( 'parent_node_id', 4, class_filter_type, 'include', class_filter_array, array( 'user' )} should do it.

Saturday 12 February 2011 8:22:49 pm

It shows nothing, are you sure that is the node 4?

If I put this:

{def $users=fetch( 'content', 'list', hash( 'parent_node_id', 5))}
{foreach $users as $user}

It shows the user groups names.

Modified on Saturday 12 February 2011 8:23:26 pm by David Santiso

Saturday 12 February 2011 8:30:37 pm

{def $users=fetch( 'content', 'list', hash( 'parent_node_id', 5,class_filter_type, 'include', class_filter_array, array( 'user' ),'depth', 3))}
{foreach $users as $user}

You missed 'depth':

Modified on Saturday 12 February 2011 11:48:40 pm by Thiago Campos Viana

Sunday 13 February 2011 3:38:25 pm

My god, I'm ashamed. Note that I did this out of memory only, and don't write that much templates these days blunk.gif Emoticon

Good to see you guys are following up :p

Saturday 19 February 2011 5:32:23 pm

And how can I access the latest contributions made on the web?

And how can I access her login, email and other user account data?

Modified on Saturday 19 February 2011 5:58:32 pm by David Santiso


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