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Removing <p> tag from attribute_view_gui output

Removing <p> tag from attribute_view_gui output

Tuesday 26 September 2006 9:00:52 am - 2 replies


I'm currently trying to remove the starting paragraph html tag from the output generated by this bit of code -

{attribute_view_gui attribute=$item.object.data_map.intro}

I have attempted a few template operators but I don't seem to be achieving much success. I tried the example below to get rid of the openning paragraph tag, but obviously it hasn't worked:

{attribute_view_gui attribute=$item.object.data_map.intro|remove( 0, 3 )}

Is it possible to use template operators with this kind of template function?

Thanks kindly for any assistance!

Tuesday 26 September 2006 9:57:56 am

Hi Scott
U can remove <p> from the file /design/standard/templates/content/datatype/view/ezxmltags/paragraph.tpl

Tuesday 26 September 2006 11:03:10 am

I recommend to copy this template to your design and edit it there. blunk.gif Emoticon


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