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Rest API URL eZcontentstaging

Rest API URL eZcontentstaging

Wednesday 08 August 2012 2:19:41 pm - 1 reply

Hello ,

I'm trying to use the ezcontentstaging extension , but the link to use ine the [<server_feedname>].providerUri is sending a 404 error on a browser.

the used link is = http://www.mysite.com/api/contentstaging/v1/

i think this is the source of a problem in the feed synchronization  :
Object xxx to be synchronised to feed stagingfeed1: failure (Response received from server is not valid json. Decoding error: 1) [Event xx]


Wednesday 08 August 2012 4:28:38 pm

in fact the trouble was coming from the used hostname www.mysite.com that was not declared in the /etc/hosts file , now it's almost up and running ! thank you all !


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