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Reverse proxy SSL

Reverse proxy SSL

Tuesday 03 January 2012 4:55:06 pm - 2 replies


I have a website that works behind a reverse proxy with SSL.

But than the reverse proxy calls the website with the port 80. So the site is not configured as a secured website (not in apache and not in eZ).

So I need my URLs to begin with "https" but I cannot configure the site as a secured website.

My problem is that URLs generated with ezurl(,'full') are not with "https" but with "http". And the "forgotpasswordmail" template send the link to generate the new password with ezurl(,'full').

So I would like to know if it exists a "clean" solution to bypass that issue.


Tuesday 03 January 2012 10:07:42 pm

Hello Nicolas,


This topic is quite common and comes up to this day fairly often so no worries on asking about it here in the forums today.


My main suggestion is that you create a custom template operator which provides the functionality your seeking. I've done this before long ago in the past so I know this method works well.


Apologies I do not know of an existing implementation you can simply use here in a generic way. There used to be more examples of this but they have faded from memory over time and were never maintained very long, also they all did things a bit differently with little standardization in the implementation. Your prolly safe to create one on your own.


Though I do strongly suggest using the extension to make creating your custom template operator as painless and simple as possible.  


I hope this helps ...




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Wednesday 04 January 2012 9:47:20 am

Hi Heath,

Thanks for your answer !

OK, that's what I was expecting, I have to it by myself.

And thank you for sharing the owsimpleoperator extension, I didn't know this one and it seems to be very usefull.




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