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$rows paramater in pdf table

$rows paramater in pdf table

Thursday 23 September 2004 10:22:14 am - 4 replies

Hi all,
I'm unable to figure out how to prepare the $rows parameter for the pdf table operator

{pdf(table, $rows, hash( [ showLines, value, ] ..............

Any help/example?


Thursday 23 September 2004 10:35:59 am

Just updated the documentation with a new example :

Thursday 23 September 2004 11:51:03 am

Thank you for your immediate reply.
I didn't think it was so immediate happy.gif Emoticon
I thought I should use some strange calls to get the rows and cells of the table.
I wish to list some images in a pdf and I noticed that they are displayed overlapped.
I don't know if a good solution is to put them in a table and I can't even figure out how to do that.

Thursday 23 September 2004 11:57:31 am

Which version of eZ publish do you use ?
Could you paste the template code which generates overlapping images here ?

Thursday 23 September 2004 12:15:49 pm

Hi Kåre,
I'm using ezpublish-3.4.0.
The code I'm using is the following

  {let images=fetch('content',list,hash(parent_node_id,$node.main_node_id, class_filter_type, include, class_filter_array,array(5)))}
    {section name=image loop=$images}			
         {pdf( image, hash( src,$image:item.data_map.image.content["medium"].full_path,
                   height,$image:item.data_map.image.content["medium"].height ) ) }

I tried to put a {pdf( newline )} after every image outpu in the loop without success.



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