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Same ContentView for all users groups

Same ContentView for all users groups

Tuesday 01 July 2008 11:06:41 am - 1 reply


I have a site that is to very slow. The problem is that the site as lot of information on the contentview, the user dependent part is all in the cache-blocks, the module_reslut is the same for all users.

They are two user groups in this site, those who see 10% of the site (anonymous) and the subscribers that see the all 100%. I have a crawler that runs at night and keep the cache-block with one day of validity (and it's fast), since I canot run the crawler with a specific user only 10% of the site is fast, and since the 10% are a demo site, it's not very efficient.

It's possible to disable the contentview cache generation for each group? To have the same contentview for all users?


Thursday 03 July 2008 11:03:55 am

The viewcache takes roles into account (users with the same roles share the same viewcache. It is not possible to turn this behavior off.

However, if 90% of your users are logged in, the view cache for those users should quite quickly be generated. I don't understand the need for generating the viewcache with a crawler then......

I am not sure it is a good advice, but it might be worth trying:
It is also possible to use cache-blocks in view templates as well. You should then probably use the ignore_content_expiry to prevent all cacheblocks (used in view templates) from being expired whenever something new is published. URL could be used as key and maybe subtree_expiry as a mechanism for managing clearing of cache. Also the "expiry" should be used to increase the TTL of the cache file.

for cache-block documentation

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