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Searching for members activated

Searching for members activated

Sunday 31 October 2010 11:33:03 am - 1 reply



The process of registering at an ez site ends up when a user receives an e-mail with a link to click (when activated as default)...


I am making a fetch at member’s users and I can reach all of them... But I need to know which ones are really "activated" at the site and which of them haven´t confirm their activation at the site by clicking the link sent in the e-mail...


I have done several attribute (show) but cannot figure out what to look for...


Need help,



Sunday 31 October 2010 5:46:05 pm

Hello Jorge,

I recently had to do something fairly similar.

Which is why I recommend a custom module view for the above need.

Because after you fetch all your users from the content tree you can fetch the eZUser object and call isEnabled method for each to determin if the user is disabled.





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