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Searching with AnyWordSearchText

Searching with AnyWordSearchText

Thursday 15 July 2010 12:20:24 pm - 6 replies


I can see that on default advancedsearch.tpl, AnyWordSearchText field is hidden, and has never been implemented. How can I use this feature ?

Thanks !

Thursday 15 July 2010 12:58:21 pm

Hi Jean-Luc,

Not having dug into the ezsearch code, it sounds like an empty search feature to me, where filters only (class, subtree) restrict the result set. Anyways, you should probably consider eZ Find if not already the case, where empty searches work very fine and are way better performing than the default search plug-in.


Thursday 15 July 2010 1:07:36 pm

Thanks Nicolas.

I actually tried to install ezfind on my local, but the re-indexing search script is too long... Do you confirm me that using AnyWordSearchText in ezfind extension does work ? Because I don't find it on php code, and it is still commented on ezfind advanced search.tpl.

Thursday 15 July 2010 1:20:11 pm

Hi again Jean-Luc,

Well, i was not stating that AnyWordSearchText is actually working with eZ Find, given that i do not know what the initial intent was for this parameter. Assuming that this allows for an empty search, i simply suggested to go for eZ Find which supports the empty search feature in a more efficient fashion.

As to your issue with eZ Find, i recommend to read this tutorial, giving a tip to solve your specific issue. More generally, the series of three tutorials about Advanced Development with eZ Find is a must-read :


But could you let us know what you were trying to achieve when you stumbled upon the AnyWordSearchText parameter ?


Thursday 15 July 2010 1:41:46 pm

Hi Nicolas,

Actually I do know those tutorials on eZ Find. Using eZ Find or not is not my problem. Let me explain by an example my need to use this AnyWordSearchText input :

  • If I search on "fetch content search" words, I need to return N results that match 1 of those 3 words.
  • If I search on "fetch content search ezfind" words, it then should return more than N results.

I hope this is clear, thanks !

Thursday 15 July 2010 9:12:04 pm

Hi Jean-Luc,

From your example, it seems like you simply would like that the default search operator is OR, instead of AND. This is so by default with eZ Find, but unfortunately not with eZ's default search engine. In short, when using eZ Find you won't even need to bother about AnyWordSearchText for achieving the described example.

Hope this helped happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 15 July 2010 10:05:20 pm

This is exactly the info I needed. Thanks a lot Nicolas !


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