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Selling ezpublish extension ?

Selling ezpublish extension ?

Tuesday 03 April 2007 4:32:46 pm - 7 replies

Is it possible to sell ezpublish extension that i devellopped or is it against ezpublish license ?

Tuesday 03 April 2007 10:42:34 pm

Of course, you can even get the extension certified and get the possibility of selling it true our partner network. For some reading:

Wednesday 04 April 2007 1:24:14 am

I hope you don't take this the wrong way; however ...

I would like you to consider releasing your extension to the community that has given tirelessly to helping you succeed.

Looking over the contribution section, I see that you have not released any extensions in the past. How can you expect our community to grow with this mentality?

If you have a great extension you can sell it to the EzNow people; however, why not at the same time give back to those that have helped you.

I myself have sponsored many extensions that have been released to the community, coupon, ezauthorize, and soon to come a real-time shipping.

Please consider what others have given you.

Wednesday 04 April 2007 1:31:09 am

Clay Pereira is right. Anyway if you will invest lot of money in the extension development it's logic to sell it...

Wednesday 04 April 2007 12:19:59 pm

I want to release all my extensions freely...except maybe for one. Its a payment extension that was really hard for me to devellopp and which is used on french online shops.

I think it can be justified to sell an extension that will be used in a commercial environement.

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Wednesday 04 April 2007 1:51:39 pm


please contact eZ France to get this extension certified and you can work out a deal for selling this extension under a proprietary license or an open license with a subscription model:

eZ Systems France

26, rue de la République
69002 Lyon

Phone: +33 (0) 4 78 37 01 56
Fax : +33 (0) 4 78 37 01 56
E-mail: at


Thursday 05 April 2007 6:18:22 pm

Otherwise, go to . Nice tool to release extensions and who knows, find people that will help you improving them.


Thursday 21 June 2007 5:43:05 pm

Martin, and everybody,

In line with your discussion, would you be interested to take part in


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