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sending email from ez and deliverability issues ?

sending email from ez and deliverability issues ?

Sunday 29 January 2012 7:24:44 pm - 4 replies

Hi,I'm developping with eZ a web app that lets members send job application to recruiters via an email generated by a form.

I'm afraid that sending the mail from my server on behalf of member ($mail->from = new ezcMailAddress( $sender, $ezmemberemailaddress' )blunk.gif Emoticon might be imply deliverability issues ... and I want to make sure that 100% of my members' applications will be received by recruiters !!!

=> do you confirm the deliverability risk? do you see any solution?


So far, I plan to create an email adress for each member so their mail use the same server as the site...

=> what do you think? (regarding deliverability? feasibility?)Thanks in advance for your precious reactions happy.gif Emoticon


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Tuesday 31 January 2012 11:00:28 am

If not so important to set sender the original email, why don't you simply use a master email as sender? Something like webmaster@domain.tdl or notifications@domain.tdl or application@domain.tdl or whatever. This will spare you from creating N mailboxes, and you can set replyto or inside mail data containing the actual applicant email.

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Tuesday 31 January 2012 11:36:18 am

I want to make sure that 100% of my members' applications will be received by recruiters !!!

=> do you confirm the deliverability risk? do you see any solution?

There is no such thing as 100% when it comes to email - and there is absolutely nothing that eZPublish can do about that.

But, it's hard to figure out what you're trying to do... you want to send an email from your server as if it were coming from the server of the user's email address?  If that's the case, forget it, it's not ever going to work right.

If you are creating a new email address for each user on your server and any mail will be sent as that - well... that really depends (entirely) on how your mail server is set up and which one you are using - maybe by setting outgoing mail to ignore username and with a wildcard alias so that all bounces/incoming mail ends up in a catch-all mailbox... If people are actually supposed to log into your server to get their mail... well, that would require creating mailboxes etc.

Or, if the sender doesn't matter and any replies don't matter then it is easier to do what Denista M. said.

Tuesday 31 January 2012 12:36:15 pm

Thanks to Denitsa and Steven for your replies happy.gif Emoticon

Indeed, trying to use the member's email provider to send the mail seems to be a dead-end.

I investigated on mailto with params but there is no attachment param (which is kind of compulsory to attach a CV file because file-url might not be clicked...). Anyway, it would have been difficult to have members configuring their browser to open mailto links with their web-client (especially when != gmail or Yahoo)


Denitsa's simple solution is interesting, but I could not find a way to indicate "reply-to" address in the ezcMail component (see documentation)
=> should I try to modify the mail's header ?

With this solution, members will still depend on my domain's deliverability so I'll try to get knowledge to keep it high !


The "1 address per member" scenario is interesting if I can parse incoming emails to create ez objects, which seems possible with ezcMailParser.
To make things clear : I would retrieve and deconstruct member's daily job alert emails from job-boards to provide a centralized and object-oriented job-ad management solution...
=> what do you think ? 


Thanks for your time happy.gif Emoticon


Tuesday 31 January 2012 1:12:19 pm

I haven't been digging deeper into this, ezcMail do not have own [replyto()] method, but you could make use of header Reply-To set to different than sender email via inherited setHeader() method using something like $ezcMailObject->setHeader( 'Reply-To', 'reply-to-email@domain.tdl' ); Haven't tested it, but it looks like an option. As for reliability, whatever solution you choose imo it will always depend on policies, settings, etc, etc at your side(actual sender) and client side(receiver). There is no way to guarantee on 100% your mail will be received, or it will not be received as spam by some mail services providers.

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