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setting node id for extensions

setting node id for extensions

Wednesday 14 January 2004 11:04:07 am - 2 replies

Hello everybody !

Can someone tell me how to define a node id for an extension ?

I have programmed an extension with direct database connections.
The permissions are already set through the standard module permissions within the admin panel.

I have also programmed a dynamic navigation which loops through nodes and their childs and shows links and buttons depending on the permissions on the node.

Now the problem is to show a button to the programmed extension depending on the rights on that extension.

My first problem solution in mind is to set a node id for the extension.

Can anyone tell me how to solve that problem or how to set the node id.

Best Regards

Norman Leutner


Modified on Friday 16 January 2004 8:17:37 am by Norman Leutner

Wednesday 14 January 2004 3:50:25 pm

Hi Norman,

Since a node is a placement of a content object in the system hierarky, it doesn't make much sense to assign a node id to an extension. However, have you tried assigning access rules to the different views of the module extension?


Eirik Johansen

Friday 16 January 2004 8:23:09 am

Hi Eirik,

I`ve already set the access rules for the extension.
That`s not the problem.

The Problem is to integrate the extension into the dynamic navigation, depending on the rights given to the module / extension.

The solution would be to check the rights given to the module within the navigation template. But I didn`t find anything about that until now.

Best Regards,

Norman Leutner


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