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Setting RootNode and UserRootNode

Setting RootNode and UserRootNode

Tuesday 24 June 2003 4:40:53 pm - 1 reply


I spotted the RootNode and UserRootNode settings in the content.ini

# The node ID of the normal content tree
# The node ID of the user tree

What exactly does these settings do? At first i thought i would define what node is the root node og the document tree and user tree, but setting the RootNode to the node ID of a folder has no effect. (In the settings/override/content.ini.append file.) Nothing changes and I can still access the old root node.

It would be really useful to be able to add a content.ini.append file in the siteaccess folder (is this possible?) and specify a new root node. This node would be the root when logged in from this siteaccess and the nodes above the root node would be invisible and inaccessible.

The same goes for UserRootNode. When setting a user group to the new UserRootNode, only the users in this group should be accessible from this siteaccess.

Does anyone know how these settings works?

Ronny Vedå, Nexus Knowledge Solutions

Tuesday 25 November 2003 10:36:27 am

I have tried various ways of setting the RootNode value and in all cases so far they do not seem to have any effect.

I am trying to set up a system where i can have multiple frontends with one backend and this would be the key to it's success.

Any idea why this is not working? Or are we doing it wrong?


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