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Showing and Altering Content Objects accross siteaccesses

Showing and Altering Content Objects accross siteaccesses

Thursday 29 December 2011 4:25:50 am - 1 reply

I'm sure this must have been asked and solved by someone by now, bit I waded through many false positives searching without success.I have multiple siteaccesses on the same site which need to display and modify each other's content. I thought it would be simple to do just by setting up a separate REST service to login across sites, but it doesn't appear to do writes, and it seems unnecessarily complicated for the task.I basically need to list node trees in my module from other sites, and save a new content object to a chosen node on an alternate siteaccess (other than what the admin user is logged in as at the time). I haven't found a good way to access alternate siteaccess content objects, though. Each siteaccess has its own database.Any tips or starters?Thanks,jxn

Thursday 29 December 2011 8:49:40 pm

Hello eZ Community!


I make a note here today to share a comment from kracker on #ezpublish today.


"In the end 'Jackson' seems to have settle on creating an ezjscore based web service, which returns the content required/desired. This solution avoids any of the rather troublesome need to switch db's used or siteaccess used when fetching content from a siteaccess which uses a separate db and content tree. Need the same data set from more than once siteaccess? Reuse the web service call, call the same web service via each different siteaccess when calling the web service, problem solved. This solves the problem in a very clean and maintainable way."


Take care eZ community!


I hope this helps others in the future answer this requirement / need.





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