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Site take long to publish or removed content(ez 4.4)

Site take long to publish or removed content(ez 4.4)

Friday 05 October 2012 4:27:17 am - 6 replies


We have multiple sites running on single instance of eZ, when ever we try to edit/remove any site content in both front and admin interface, Site take very long to finish the process and often timesout.

I have already went through ez developer forums for solution, I have tried couple of soluiotn I found with no luck.

Information about my eZ settings:

  • Using delayed index option in site.ini
  • No error in eZ error logs
  • DB server seem to be running fine, no performance hit in that server
  • Web server has more than enough resource
  • There is no custom edit handler

Any suggestion would be helpfull.

Thank you


Friday 05 October 2012 11:23:01 am


Have you any workflow activated ?


Monday 08 October 2012 2:24:03 am


We do not have any workflow for the site.

Thank You


Monday 08 October 2012 6:26:34 pm

If not yet done, then you could enable slow query logging on your MySQL server, this might help. Let us know what results you get.

Monday 08 October 2012 6:40:49 pm

Another couple of areas to check (I've had similar problems in the past):

Are you using the ezfind extension? Updating the index and optimizing can take quite a long time if you have a less-than-ideal configuration.

What kind of filesystem is on your server? I've seen some where I/O is poor, and it's actually clearing and re-building cache files that takes a long time.

if you look at kernel/operation_definition.php you can see the steps that combine to make the 'publish' action - try commenting some out and see if you can work out which step is causing you grief.

Tuesday 09 October 2012 5:37:58 am

Thanks Guys,

Finally found the solution for the problem, The issue seem to the filesystem, we were using the DFS cluster, so the I/O on DFS was take very long. So let the sys admin. 


Thanks to every one for helping me.



Friday 12 October 2012 1:30:41 pm

Btw, using the ezperformancelogger extension would probably have helped you in troubleshooting the problem, as it can trace the time spent by eZ on db queries, cluster-db queries and cluster-nfs-io.

As starting point for learning how to use the extension, you can use the slides from the seummercamp (

If anyone is interested, I could write a specific tutorial for this particular troubleshooting case


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