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siteaccess and redirection

siteaccess and redirection

Monday 09 January 2012 3:41:19 pm - 2 replies

EZ publish new developer I would like to create a corporate portal with a party member and another party partner. I have two different siteaccess and I want that when the user logs in, he is redirected to either one or the other according to his user profile siteacess (usergroup). How do I do?
thank you in advance

Monday 09 January 2012 4:03:06 pm

Hi Aurelie,

I've never used this feature but I guess that you can use UserSettings.LoginRedirectionUriAttribute in site.ini to tell eZ Publish where you want to redirect a user depending on a content object attribute (in the User class or the User Group class).

Found this by looking at the user/login module view (line 144 in kernel/user/login.php

        $userUriAttrName  = '';
        $groupUriAttrName = '';
        $ini = eZINI::instance();
        if ( $ini->hasVariable( 'UserSettings', 'LoginRedirectionUriAttribute' ) )
            $uriAttrNames = $ini->variable( 'UserSettings', 'LoginRedirectionUriAttribute' );
            if ( is_array( $uriAttrNames ) )
                if ( isset( $uriAttrNames['user'] ) )
                    $userUriAttrName = $uriAttrNames['user'];
                if ( isset( $uriAttrNames['group'] ) )
                    $groupUriAttrName = $uriAttrNames['group'];



Tuesday 10 January 2012 3:12:35 pm

Thank you for your answer.

I still have a problem of access to my portal. When I connect, I headed redirect.tpl and I have to manually accept the redirection to access my intranet or extranet to me in my reporpose me sign.

I have 3 siteaccess Portal, intranet and extranet.
I coded
"LoginRedirectionUriAttribute [group] = redirection_uri" in [SiteSettings] of site.ini.append.php siteaccess portal and added path redirection in my classes usergroup members and partners.

If someone has already done a portal with two different access depending on the user group to which it belongs, I'm interested.

thank you


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