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SJSD WYSIWYG editor based on FCKEditor for ezxmltext

SJSD WYSIWYG editor based on FCKEditor for ezxmltext

Wednesday 12 April 2006 5:56:35 pm - 236 replies

This thread is for the project SJSD (contribute: )

Please ask your questions in this thread rather in the contribution section.
If you do not expect replys, please add comment in the contribute section happy.gif Emoticon

<b>HOWTO DEBUG this extension</b>
As the nature of this project, there are two main sources of bugs: javascript running in client side and the server side php scripts

DEBUG Javascript:
*Firefox (at least 1.5) comes with a javascript console, and it can give precise information about where and why some commands in the javascripts fail.

*IE: without Microsoft script editor/debugger, the error message is basically useless. One of them is recommanded (Microsoft script debugger is free for downloading).

When using the editor, there are two buttons at the end of the toolbar: the first one will show the current html source of the editor. The second one is more interesting: onloading, it will communicate with ez publish server to get the converted xml from the current html source. There will be a button "Output" after the xml is displayed, it will ask the server to convert the xml back to html, and show it in the window. After this, a ok button will appear, which can be used to set the new generated html back to the sjsd editor.

Please check bugs and "feature requests" sections in our homepage:
if it is not there, you can file one (the prefered method), or state it here

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Tuesday 20 June 2006 10:56:31 am

It's me again.

Currently the admin section works fine. No problems.

Unfortunately all images, displayed in admin section, are gone on public site. First I thought, it's an ezPublish problem. Searched the forum, but all hints found don't help me. I still have empty DIV on public site:

<div class="attribute-long">
<div class="object-left"><div class="content-view-embeddedmedia">
<div class="class-image">
<div class="attribute-image">

The right embed image template is used. Access to the media section is granted for anonymous users, so I currently don't know what to do. Anybody has this problem?

I took a look in the database table, and I see, that there is no "HREF" tag in the embed object. I am not so familiar with the templating system yet, but shouldn't there be one? I know there is a object_id tag, but das ezPublish use this?

Help me. happy.gif Emoticon


Monday 26 June 2006 11:49:09 am

I would like to know what is the future of SJSD. Now that eZ Online Editor has been released under GPL:

will the developement of SJSD continue, or it will join the developement of Online Editor in some way, or it will stop?

Monday 26 June 2006 4:27:35 pm

short answer is: yes, I will continue it

as to whether collaborate with OE, I have no idea now, that not only depends on me blunk.gif Emoticon

will put up a blog entry for this with more details when time permits

Wednesday 28 June 2006 1:58:32 pm

A neat idea would be to join OE with SJSD so that FCK editor can be used with OE. I see that FCK editor i widely used and has many features. So having all its functionallity in OE would be really great.

Monday 10 July 2006 2:51:43 pm

I just wanted to try SJSD but can't activate it. I've done everything from INSTALL file, but when I try to edit an article, it doesn't show edit field, but js alerts "Unknown toolbar item EZ_Format", about 5-6 alerts like this and nothing else.

I use latest ezp trunk, sjsd 0.3.1 and FCKEditor 2.3.

Monday 10 July 2006 4:36:30 pm

Kirill Subbotin, read carefully SJSD docs. FCKeditor 2.3 not working, you must switch back to 2.2. Support for 2.3 is on the way. While I testing SJSD with new FCK 2.3, some errors occur, but after uploading version 2.2 - disappear and working ok.

Wednesday 12 July 2006 1:18:24 pm

Aha! Thank you!. It works with FCK 2.2.
What can I say - this is a really impressive and interesting extension. Although it has some bugs and inconsistancies. But we'll investigate it further and figure out how can we use it's advantages in the Online Editor. Probably we really can join these projects.

Wednesday 12 July 2006 3:29:46 pm


That's good news (merging both projects)!

Custom buttons (for custom tags) make a real world difference, blunk.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 12 July 2006 5:07:29 pm

Joining sounds really great. One big advantage is that FCKEditor is a different project so the eZ team will not have to work so much on the GUI but only on it's integration.

Another advantage that such integration could bring to OE is an integrated support for text fonts and sizes (wich for now is missing in OE). This would probably need a lot of work, but I think it's worth doing it.

Wednesday 26 July 2006 4:01:32 pm

hi there,

Just wonder, is fckeditor extension work for ezpublish 3.6.1.


Thursday 10 August 2006 2:38:59 pm

Sorry for the silly question.

I have installed and cleared cache but I cannot see the editior. When I click "Enable Editor" nothing happens (other than the button change to "Disable Editor".)

I assume that it is because of this:

<i>"you use virtual host, so you have to make sure *.html and *.xml and *.js can be accessed directly

so please modify your rewrite rules"</i>

But how do I modify the rewrite rules?


Monday 14 August 2006 3:13:42 pm

Have you enabled sjsd in user roles?

Monday 14 August 2006 3:20:52 pm


Err, i guess that means no.

Monday 14 August 2006 3:22:32 pm

there is a role called editor in the list. Is that what you mean?

Monday 14 August 2006 3:46:23 pm

If you want to use sjsd as anonymous user then you should edit the Anonymous role, ad a new policy and choose sjsd from the drop down menu.

If you're trying to use it as administrator user, then you have already all permissions and the problem is in something else.

Monday 14 August 2006 4:09:36 pm

I am the admin user.

Others ides welcome

Monday 14 August 2006 4:30:19 pm

Just to clarify,

I am using:
FCK 2.2
EZP 3.8
SJSD 0.3.1

I have followed the instructions in the install doc and all I am getting on pressing the enable editor button is:

Error: FCKeditor is not defined

Thanks again for your help

Monday 14 August 2006 4:59:21 pm

OK, I'm not entirely sure what I did but it now kinda works.

I have one remaining problem which I would love some help with.

One loading this error pops up in a dialog box

Error loading &#8220;/extension/sjsd/FCKeditor/fckstyles.xml&#8221;

If anybody knows why, grateful I would be.

Thursday 17 August 2006 12:36:49 pm

<i>OK, I'm not entirely sure what I did but it now kinda works.</i>

Maybe you cleared the cache happy.gif Emoticon

As for the error you're getting now, have you enabled .xml files in your rewrite rules?

P.S. When dealing with online editors, clearing your browser cache (besides eZ cache) is also a good thing, since some parts of the editors are cached in your browser.

Thursday 17 August 2006 1:07:05 pm

My Rewrite rules looks like this

<VirtualHost *>
<Directory "E:\ApacheSites\eZpublish\ezpublish">
Options FollowSymLinks Indexes ExecCGI
AllowOverride All

DocumentRoot "E:\ApacheSites\eZpublish\ezpublish"
RewriteEngine On

# For all known data directories we let Apache serve it directly

Rewriterule ^/var/storage/.*                                                   - [L]Rewriterule ^/var/[^/]+/storage/.*                                             - [L]

RewriteRule ^/var/cache/texttoimage/.*                                         - [L]
RewriteRule ^/var/[^/]+/cache/texttoimage/.*                                   - [L]
Rewriterule ^/design/[^/]+/(stylesheets|images|javascript)/.*                  - [L]
Rewriterule ^/share/icons/.*                                                   - [L]
Rewriterule ^/extension/[^/]+/design/[^/]+/(stylesheets|images|javascripts?)/.* - [L]
Rewriterule ^/packages/styles/.*                                               - [L]

RewriteRule ^/extension/sjsd/(FCKeditor|fcksjsd)/.* - [L]
RewriteRule ^/extension/[^/]+/design/[^/]+/fckskins/.* - [L]

RewriteRule !\.(gif|jpe?g|png|css|js|html|xml)|var(.+)storage.pdf(.+)\.pdf$ /index.php

# Compatability with 3.3 and lower

RewriteRule ^/kernel/setup/packages/.*                                         - [L]

# If not PHP should serve the page

Rewriterule .* /index.php

ServerName localhost


Does that look right to you?


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