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SJSD WYSIWYG editor based on FCKEditor for ezxmltext

SJSD WYSIWYG editor based on FCKEditor for ezxmltext

Wednesday 12 April 2006 5:56:35 pm - 236 replies

This thread is for the project SJSD (contribute: )

Please ask your questions in this thread rather in the contribution section.
If you do not expect replys, please add comment in the contribute section happy.gif Emoticon

<b>HOWTO DEBUG this extension</b>
As the nature of this project, there are two main sources of bugs: javascript running in client side and the server side php scripts

DEBUG Javascript:
*Firefox (at least 1.5) comes with a javascript console, and it can give precise information about where and why some commands in the javascripts fail.

*IE: without Microsoft script editor/debugger, the error message is basically useless. One of them is recommanded (Microsoft script debugger is free for downloading).

When using the editor, there are two buttons at the end of the toolbar: the first one will show the current html source of the editor. The second one is more interesting: onloading, it will communicate with ez publish server to get the converted xml from the current html source. There will be a button "Output" after the xml is displayed, it will ask the server to convert the xml back to html, and show it in the window. After this, a ok button will appear, which can be used to set the new generated html back to the sjsd editor.

Please check bugs and "feature requests" sections in our homepage:
if it is not there, you can file one (the prefered method), or state it here

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Tuesday 18 April 2006 5:06:08 pm

Hi Iiu

Thanx for quick reply.
Where is the config option to tell just to code part of code not a whole html page?


Tuesday 18 April 2006 5:26:51 pm

no option for that

in fact, if you edit in fckeditor (not by pasting), it won't generate the html/header etc tags at all (or if you know how to, please tell me)

Modified on Tuesday 18 April 2006 5:58:14 pm by liu spider

Tuesday 18 April 2006 9:04:55 pm

Hi Iiu

So what is wrong with my installation?
How to solve this problem?
I have eZ publish 3.7.6 with disabled ezdhtml extension.

Best regards,

Tuesday 18 April 2006 9:36:03 pm

I don't think there is something wrong. (I only tried it with 3.7.3, but there it works nice).

Just remove all tags from what you enter into the editor

So from your example you should just have

  <html>     <head>         
this is what i want to publish     

you should only enter

this is what i want to publish


Tuesday 18 April 2006 11:41:21 pm

Hi Tobias

Strange but text that I have entered is just "this is what i want to publish"!??

HTML code is after I have pressed seccond button from the right on SJSD.


Wednesday 19 April 2006 11:43:10 am

Hi Iiu

I have reinstalled all from svn trunk rev.47!

Now I see well formatted html but can't publish!??

My input text is replaced with last one.

Let's say I have text :

This is nice!

Have a nice day!

Hello there

After publishing I get

Hello there

Hello there

Hello there

and notice that I need to have text in field!??

And what is more interesting in my Article class I have two xmltext attributes.
In first everything is ok, but problem is with second one.

Best regards,

I am using iso-8859-2 encoding. Is that a problem?

Wednesday 19 April 2006 4:28:25 pm

Hi Liu,

I'm using FCKEditor and i've been having some problems with apostrophe character, for example :

<<l'école>> is replaced by <<l&apos;école>>

I'm using the French language.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you

Wednesday 19 April 2006 7:48:44 pm

to Sinisa:
give svn r49 a try (you'd better clear all your sever cache as well as client cache)

to marc meskini:
yes, it is tricky. Have a look at how SJSD does the job properly

Wednesday 19 April 2006 8:53:45 pm

my problem seems to be similar to that of Roberto. In url based, I'm able to see ez source, but when I press publish, I get Input required for my Intro xml field. I installed firebug, in virtual host environment, I get this error:

uncaught exception: Permission denied to call method (line 0)

When I press publish, I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /public_html/extension/sjsd/ezxmltext/handlers/input/sjsdxmlinput.php on line 882

I have no ideas what to do with this sad.gif Emoticon
Thank you for your help,

Modified on Wednesday 19 April 2006 9:06:30 pm by Zdenek Ziegler

Wednesday 19 April 2006 9:31:30 pm

to Zdenek Ziegler:
I think I fixed the virtual host bug in svn r50
(clear all of your server cache, especially template related ones)

if you still has that "Call to a member function on a non-object" error, tell me which line it is (with the latest svn version please)

Wednesday 19 April 2006 10:33:01 pm

Yes, I can see ez source now.
But I still get that error

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /extension/sjsd/ezxmltext/handlers/input/sjsdxmlinput.php on line 882

I don't get this error when I write only text in xml field. I get it when I insert a table.
In ezsource, I get this(firebug):

result[1] has no properties  ez_source.js (line 34)

Wednesday 19 April 2006 11:44:03 pm

to Zdenek Ziegler:
you are right.

fixed in svn r51

Thursday 20 April 2006 12:26:30 am

Hi Liu,

I’m using rev50 and i have the same problem than Sinisa : after publishing i get only the fisrt line repeted many times.

Best regards


Thursday 20 April 2006 12:32:55 am

The encoding is stil not working properly...

I write:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

UTF-8 is only for example :)

Now we have in database UTF-8 in header for all cases, but fonts are encoded in other codepages too. In my case polish letters are encoded in iso-8859-2 too. So you must check (I don't know where) what encoding must be set in xmltext header, and _not_ set allways UTF-8...

Thursday 20 April 2006 12:46:33 am

to marc meskini:
sorry, but I can not reproduce that issue. Please state your PHP/eZ/SJSD version, whether it is virtual host install or not

to Dariusz Wlodarczyk:
do not use more than one encoding for your website. UTF-8 is always the ideal one. Make sure you configure your eZ use UTF-8 and store data in UTF-8 to database as well

Thursday 20 April 2006 11:33:39 am

Hi Iiu

I have latest SJSD from svn rev56.
EZpublish 3.7.6 and virtualhost setup.

Duplicating last text input is similar to:

BTW, what is a "tag" release? What's the difference?

Best regards,

Modified on Thursday 20 April 2006 11:34:30 am by Siniša Šehović

Thursday 20 April 2006 12:04:33 pm

Thank you, it's ok now.

Thursday 20 April 2006 7:09:31 pm

I use only one encoding (iso-8859-2) in my setup, but I don't know why xmltext fields in database are encoded with UTF-8. Nevermind beacuse this works correct to the moment when I start use SJSD...

When I use simplexmlhandler all xmltext fields are encoded in UTF-8, but when I use SJSD to edit them the fonts are encoded in iso-8859-2 but in header is still UTF-8 (after your last corrections) sad.gif Emoticon

Modified on Thursday 20 April 2006 7:11:01 pm by Dariusz Włodarczyk

Thursday 20 April 2006 7:17:56 pm

to Sinisa:
try revision 57 please, and report whether it works for you
every version will be tagged, so that it will be always easy to check out a particular version

to Dariusz Wlodarczyk:
SJSD does not convert text to utf-8, it just assumes all input is utf-8 (or compatible). You may try to specify utf-8 as your html encoding, as well as for mysql database in eZ ini files

Modified on Thursday 20 April 2006 7:19:56 pm by liu spider

Thursday 20 April 2006 9:42:38 pm

Ok but I think the mutch better way (an only good solution for all cases) is to SJSD detect what codepage is used and write proper value of encoding in xmltext field header...

Of course it is possible to change encoding in my site configuration, but other things connected with this change are dificult. My database have now ca. 300MB, must work all time without any pause and I have access to it only using phpMyAdmin (with 4MB limit of uploaded file size) sad.gif Emoticon

So please... if it's possible change your handler to work like simplexmlhandler with characters encoding happy.gif Emoticon


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