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Sort by Price attribute

Sort by Price attribute

Thursday 27 May 2010 10:30:08 am - 1 reply


according to the documentation, it is not possible to sort by price attribute while fetching... but trying it, i see it works.. i was wondering if using it could cause trouble, if i can use it or not, because it is not documented... actually, i've seen there's a keySort function defined on the kernel/classes/datatypes/ezprice/ezpricetype.php and it seems to be OK (tough multiprice datatype has not sortKey).

i'm using ez4.2, is there any improvement on this on the 4.3 version? I will have to be able to search on price attribute, but couldn't find any extended attribute filter to do so..

thank you!

Friday 23 November 2012 7:16:59 pm


I am sorting items for their price attribute

array( 'attribute', false(), 'product/price' )

but with high amount it behaves in an odd way

e.g. when I order items with amount of 400,00, 300,00 and 320,00 in either way, discending or ascending, they are sorted in the right way.

Instead when I order items with amount of 170.000.000, 24.000.000 and 18.000.000 the ordering is messed up to something like 18.000.000, 170.000.000 and 24.000.000...

Any idea? How can I fix this?

Thanks blunk.gif Emoticon


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