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SSL Feature "request" allow Wildcards in SSLsubtree

SSL Feature "request" allow Wildcards in SSLsubtree

Friday 02 November 2012 8:10:19 am - 1 reply

Hi, relatively new to ez so not intimately familiar with its workings, I have the following problem/challenge:

I need/would like to SSL-Protect portions of my site which are kind of identical (registration forms for events) but in different folders.

So far we are protecting the whole subtree /events/ which makes for a lot of overhead on pages that are in /events but don't need to be protected by ssl.

eZ Support says, there is no way for wildcards to be used in SSLSubtrees.

Has anyone an idea (or even a patch) on how to extend ezsslzone.php in order to allow the use of wildcards in the ini settings for ssl subtrees?

Alternatively some idea for a quick workaround?


Cheers + Thanks,  Jan

Monday 05 November 2012 6:42:12 pm

The class eZSSLZone does it's matching using strpos, so its true there's no room for wildcards.

Have you considered using a conf/htaccess rewrite rule to switch between ssl and standard delivery?

If you only have a couple of nodes you need protecting, it's probably going to be much quicker to go that route rather than hack the ez kernel happy.gif Emoticon


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