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Table border bug in ezoe 5.40-dev?

Table border bug in ezoe 5.40-dev?

Monday 29 August 2011 12:37:11 pm - 4 replies


I have a problem in 2011.6, ezoe 5.40-dev,  reediting tables.

If a table is saved with no border, still it gets a border 1 when loaded into ezoe for reediting.

It seems to me that ezoe interprets the lack of a border attribute as "border=1", while it should interpret it as "border=0".

If  am not mistaking this is a serious flaw, so it should really be fixed ASAP.


Monday 29 August 2011 12:59:59 pm

When was this problem introduced?Can't see any changes that should effect this from 4.5 (5.3) and up until now.

Is there an issue on this so we can make sure it is fixed before 4.6 (5.4)?

Modified on Monday 29 August 2011 1:07:41 pm by André R

Monday 29 August 2011 1:09:36 pm

Hi André,

I just noticed the issue, wanted to check if I am the only one that has noticed this, before adding it as a bug.

However, I think I have found the source to the problem now.

Have a look in ezoe/ezxmltext/handlers/input/ezoexmlinput.php around line 1530:

 if ( is_string( $border ) ) 

I believe this check is not enough, as the $border variable still is a string when empty.

I changed to the line below, and now it seems to work:

 if ( is_string( $border ) && !empty($border) ) 

Do you want me to issue a bug or will you do it?




Modified on Monday 29 August 2011 1:11:26 pm by Nicklas Lundgren

Tuesday 30 August 2011 11:12:29 pm

Please create an issue for it and post link here or ping me at ar at ez and I'll handle it or get someone to do it.

Thanks for investigating it!

Wednesday 28 September 2011 11:27:36 am


Sorry for the delay, but now I have reported this as an issue. You will find it here:



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