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Template problem... Pls. Give a hint...

Template problem... Pls. Give a hint...

Friday 07 November 2003 4:33:33 am - 2 replies


I'm using the 3.2-3 release of eZP.

Is there a possibility to complete this kind of task in template code:

I have folder "Articles" and there folders that are the categories.
In the category folders I have my articles.

I need to fetch on my frontpage 5 newest articles. They have to come from all the categories...

I just has to show the category the article belongs to and the title of the article...

So the fetching should check 22 category folders for newest articles and show only 5 newest of them...
But I don't know how to build that kind of fetch...


Friday 07 November 2003 10:12:24 am

If my understanding is correct, you have a tree structure like this:

-- category 1
---- article 1
---- article 2
-- category 2
---- article 3
---- article 4

Template example of how to fetch the five newest articles:

{let articles=fetch( content, tree, hash( parent_node_id, NODE_ID,
sort_by,array( published, false() ),
limit, 5,
class_filter_type, include,
class_filter_array, array( 'article' ) ) )}

{section name=Child loop=$articles}
{node_view_gui view='line' content_node=$:item}


Replace NODE_ID with the node id to the article folder.

See also and for more documentation on the fetch function.

Modified on Friday 07 November 2003 10:12:47 am by Ole Morten Halvorsen

Friday 07 November 2003 1:11:01 pm


Thanks Ole! It worked out just fine... I don't know why didn't I thought so simple way to do i... happy.gif Emoticon I was just about to make an module that fetches the newest articles like that... happy.gif Emoticon

Thanks again,


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