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Templates not working like documented...

Templates not working like documented...

Monday 14 April 2003 1:29:24 pm - 4 replies

Hello again,
Im still facing problems with the template system. After having made new templates named; full_class_1.tpl (for folders), full_class_7.tpl for news, and full_class_8.tpl for data, there are inconsistencies in the way its using the templates. Its using the full.tpl when I access an object of the classes news or data. I cant find any good reason for why this is happening. Any suggestions to this...please reply...


Monday 14 April 2003 4:26:25 pm

Where did you place the new full_class_n.tpl templates?

Thursday 24 April 2003 2:27:12 pm

These were placed in : /override/templates/node/view/

Monday 28 April 2003 1:08:19 pm

Do you mean under a given design or do you mean in the root of eZ publish.
For instance place them in
or for a custom design

Monday 28 April 2003 1:45:03 pm

Yes, it is in the /design/mydesign/override/templates/node/view/

doing some more testing i find that...:
I also have some line_class_7.tpl and this one get overridden if I name a class line.tpl, in the same directory. I thought the contrary should be the case, that if there were no line_class_7.tpl it would use the line.tpl...?!?!?

And this goes for full.tpl as well, if I remove it, its using the full_class_7.tpl for news etc...

It seems to be working exactly opposite of how it should.


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