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TIFF images / media

TIFF images / media

Wednesday 05 May 2004 11:22:32 am - 6 replies


need to upload .tif's into the mediagallery. But when uploaded ez converts the image to a .jpg.
Is there any possibility to leave the original image as a tif and to have the references as jpg ?

doesnt have any effect.

Wednesday 05 May 2004 1:54:17 pm

Could you tell which version of eZ publish you are using?

Wednesday 05 May 2004 2:49:33 pm

i am using 3.3-3 rev.5019

Thursday 06 May 2004 10:10:22 am

The original should still be in TIFF format, the image system will keep the original format unless specifically instructed to convert to another format.
Images that are jpeg should only be for the downscaled versions, is this true?

If you add the rule you specified


it will convert all TIFFs into PNGs.

Thursday 06 May 2004 12:29:23 pm

ah ok.

i deleted the lines


Now the tif. image is stored correctly.
But how to display the tif now ?

Saturday 08 May 2004 10:38:44 am

aren't there any possibilites ?

Thursday 22 August 2013 5:04:54 am

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