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Toolbar elements on a per contentclass basis?

Toolbar elements on a per contentclass basis?

Monday 14 February 2005 3:39:05 pm - 2 replies

Is there any mechanism for toolbar elements to be shown only for specific content classes or do I need to implement that myself?

Essentially, I want to display some content (depending on the class in question) in the right toolbar. If it's possible to somehow display some block from the view/full main template over there, that would do the job as well. But I couldn't get the CSS to render there from inside the main content block.

Modified on Monday 14 February 2005 3:48:57 pm by Gabriel Ambuehl

Thursday 17 February 2005 1:11:56 pm

There is no standard mechanism offered to do this. But the template code to do is is easy.
If you need more directions just ask.

Thursday 17 February 2005 1:54:03 pm

Well it's easy to do (add classidentifiers to the toolbar element and check whether current class is member of that). But look at
for the trouble I got into...


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