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trigger user activation workflow

trigger user activation workflow

Tuesday 22 November 2011 4:40:34 pm - 4 replies

hi people,

i made a module, wich activates users.. i use this function to activate the user:

$operationResult = eZOperationHandler::execute( 'user',                                                                    'activation', array( 'user_id'    => $userID,                                                                                         'user_hash'  => $hash, 'is_enabled' => true ) );

the user gets active, but no workflow will be trigger. do i need to execute another function?

how will be trigger any workflow in php?

thanks in advance

Juan Pablo

Modified on Tuesday 22 November 2011 5:03:25 pm by Juan Pablo Stumpf

Tuesday 22 November 2011 5:19:24 pm

Hello Juan,


The trigger your trying to use is by default disabled. Though I will mention here that your call to the OperationHandler does look valid / complete. I think you just need to enable the trigger setting.

Re: https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpu...lob/master/settings/workflow.ini#L60


You must enabled this setting in an override setting file, clear caches and try testing again.


I hope this helps ...




Modified on Tuesday 22 November 2011 5:20:16 pm by // Heath

Tuesday 22 November 2011 5:38:47 pm

hi Heath,

i already enabled this setting. but the workflow is not executed.

why is the fun. call not complete? the function call will be correct execute, because the user get active.

Juan Pablo

Tuesday 22 November 2011 5:59:55 pm


i got it. as my first workflow, it was a beginner error :P

i set a multiplexer workflow for this trigger instead of setting my own workflow (doh)

thanks anyway!

Juan Pablo

Tuesday 22 November 2011 6:16:28 pm

Hello Juan,


I'm pleased you were able to reach your goal.

Learning the workflow system can be trying at times but I always find these successes are the most enjoyable.


Best wishes ...





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