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Update search engine after import?

Update search engine after import?

Wednesday 24 March 2004 4:14:21 pm - 6 replies

I import xml and create a new product class from it.
Its title: Am Zuckerhut
Its author: Frederik Dietz

If I then search for Zuckerhut or Dietz, the product isn't found although displaying fine.

Wednesday 24 March 2004 4:40:02 pm



to update your search index.

Wednesday 24 March 2004 5:04:14 pm


Friday 26 March 2004 10:28:08 am

How to call it...
I can't just include it in my import script.

Friday 26 March 2004 10:59:44 am

Run the script from the ez publish root. You can add the script after the import job if you're running the import as a cron job, or just run it manually.

Note, the script may take several hours to run, depending on your database size.

Kåre Høviik

Monday 29 March 2004 2:07:25 pm

On my Suse 8 box, the complete procedure is as follows:

1. open a shell
2. go to your ezp root dir
3. issue the following command: php -C -f update/common/scripts/updatesearchindex.php

If this does not index as you expect, support the site access parameter <your_site_access> as follows:

3. php -C -f update/common/scripts/updatesearchindex.php -s <your_site_access>

Monday 29 March 2004 4:55:59 pm


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