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Updating translation slow

Updating translation slow

Wednesday 26 March 2003 8:15:58 pm - 3 replies

Fist of all, great release!

When updating the translation.ts file, it is very slow and use 99% of my server's CPU.

RC2 didn't do that!

Is it normal?

Thursday 27 March 2003 9:10:01 am

If you use eZ publish without mbstring compiled in it will convert strings using eZ publish PHP functions to do this. This is because of compatibility. This is only done the first time a translation is requested, it will then be stored in a cached version.

The string conversion is done since the .ts file is stored in unicode. We will try to get the linguist to store the .ts file in another character set, so string conversion is not done.


Thursday 27 March 2003 2:57:28 pm

If I activate mbstring, will it affect my eZPublish 2.2.x web Sites?

Thursday 27 March 2003 2:59:01 pm

You can safely install mbstring on a server that hosts eZ publish 2.2.



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