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URL Alias to lowercase by default (EZ 5.4)

URL Alias to lowercase by default (EZ 5.4)

Monday 23 February 2015 5:04:19 pm - 4 replies

When creating new content, the default auto generated slug/url alias for this title "About Us" is "About-Us", instead of "about-us". I've scoured the net looking for a solution, and only found information to do this in the old legacy site.ini transform url alias.

How can this be accomplished in 5.4, so by default auto generated url aliases are lowercase and dashes?

Monday 23 February 2015 6:12:40 pm

Never mind, had to use the legacy override directory, but was trying to have the override file in a custom bundle, not sure how to have ezpublish pick it up (I really dislike having some settings in the legacy folder as overrides, and would rather have all my code base/settings in my bundle.) Please share how to do so if possible, read transform.ini.append.php file from custom bundle.

Monday 23 February 2015 7:26:14 pm

Hello Big Mike,

Welcome to the eZ Community!

To my knowledge requires settings/override settings that simply can not be done via legacy bundle.

In short I think you made the right decision.

I expect url alias transformation settings support (yml) in new stack to change in eZ Platform v6 but this is still an unknown atm.


Tuesday 24 February 2015 8:53:54 pm

Hello Heath,

Thanks for your response. Yup, that's the first place I thought it should go (logically), the ezpublish.yml or custom .yml that gets imported into ezpublish.yml, would be much better in a single place and not having to touch legacy for some settings, while other settings are in the ezpublish.yml. Would be awesome to consolidate settings and their overrides in a single spot (no legacy, just new stack).


Big Mike

Modified on Tuesday 24 February 2015 8:54:44 pm by Big Mike

Wednesday 25 February 2015 12:44:52 am

Hello Big Mike,

I completely understand your frustration with the current v5.x new / dual stack settings configuration implementation, your not alone in this regard, many others have voiced similar frustrations.

That said this will not change, it is a result of the design decisions made by eZ Systems for the dual kernel. It would have been unnecessarily expensive and complicated to do just what you wish for in 5.x given that legacy is being phased out.

But like I suggest, in v6 eZ Platform (all new stack no legacy, by default) as key systems new stack code implementations are migrated into the new stack from legacy (like image aliases in 5.4), related yaml settings and configuration parameters are sure to follow. As I say in my last paragraph they are only migrating settings and core feature support (systems) piece by piece as needed, not all at once.

I hope this helps!



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