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URL aliasing & automatic creation

URL aliasing & automatic creation

Friday 14 November 2014 1:25:29 pm - 2 replies

I have a customer who would like to have redirects be made when they rename content.

So I would like to know if anybody knows is this possible with 4.7 or any other newer version?

Or if it isn't, what would you think if URL aliasing functionality could be used for this?

Or if not, where should I begin to look to make such function? Thank you.

Friday 14 November 2014 2:02:59 pm

Hello Hesse,

The feature you describe has been part of eZ Publish for quite some time.

What kind of redirects are you looking for when you rename content?

Have you tested renaming of content yet to see what your installation is or is not doing in this regard?



Wednesday 19 November 2014 9:26:15 am

You're absolutely right - now that I tested it truly creates those redirects.

So the problem then perhaps has something to do with the fact that by programming I altered some of the attributes of these content objects. Perhaps this caused something not to trigger something somewhere?

One attribute which was changed was one which was used for Object name pattern, but don't know if this changes anything.


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