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Use already uploaded picture in Article ezimage field

Use already uploaded picture in Article ezimage field

Wednesday 22 April 2015 11:27:06 am - 3 replies

Hi there,

In my article datatype, I've an ezimage field which look like that:

I can upload pictures, set a description, it's work fine.

But I can't figured out how to use already uploaded pictures, my Media Library is full of pictures but I don't know how to use them in my field.. I think and hope there is a way to add this functionality without overriding ezimage datatype.

Do you have any idea ?

Modified on Wednesday 22 April 2015 2:28:15 pm by Thomas Negrault

Wednesday 22 April 2015 2:22:55 pm

Hello Thomas,

Normally within an ezxmltext datatype based content object attribute you would 'embed' an image content object.

This usage is separate from the use of an article's other attributes which may include an image attribute (using ezimage datatype) which is normally used only within the template layer and not within class's ezxmltext attribute (lets call this article body or description).

Why don't you try to edit your article's body content, click the ezoe toolbar button for 'insert / edit image',  within the popup window click 'Browse'. click 'Media', then navigate the media content tree to the image you wish to embed / add into your article content, click the ratio form element next to the image you wish to embed / add, once you select an image content object you will be presented with a page with embed image options, you can customize these (like size or align) or leave the defaults and simply click 'Ok' to add the image.

Then your image should be embedded within your ezxmltext attribute content! Remember to publish your modified article content and then you should be able to see your changes on the user siteaccess aka the website.

I hope this helps!


Friday 24 April 2015 8:46:38 am


In addition to what Heath described for embedding images into rich text, you can also use the Relation or Relation List FieldTypes/datatypes, to create a relation between your content and your image(s). It would for instance be appropriate when each article has a main image.

Monday 27 April 2015 9:44:36 am


I noticed yesterday that this question is also cross posted on StackOverflow:



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