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using "OR" on advanced search

using "OR" on advanced search

Tuesday 16 July 2013 3:48:39 pm - 3 replies

Hi there,

can sombody help please.

Im implementing an advanced search and I would like to know if it is possible to using OR condition instead of just AND (&blunk.gif Emoticon. for exemple, if I 3 fields and I am looking for the word "test", it should look at the 3 fields and if return the result if on of them has the keyword "test". 

Im using ezpublish version 4.5.0

Tuesday 16 July 2013 7:00:39 pm

Hi, Claudio.

If you are using eZ Find, this is quite simple with a filter, and this is the recommended way.

The built in search functionality in eZ isn't very flexible. If you don't want to use eZ Find, I would suggest using a fetch content list with attribute filters instead. The attribute filter functionality have support for OR'ing different attributes.

Thursday 12 September 2013 9:53:46 am

Hi Arne,

Thanks for your help.

Regarding ez find, how can I build a form search with multiple fields, (eg: First name, Surname, etc). lets consider the following cenario: a class with attributes first_name and surname, etc. O the search we will have 2 input fields where the user can search for first_name and surname. Is any any tutorial tha can help me too acomplish that?

Wednesday 18 September 2013 8:15:52 am

Hi, Claudio.

I think what you want is to look at the details of the eZ Find fetch filter:


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