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Very heavy Caches

Very heavy Caches

Tuesday 26 May 2015 2:45:45 pm - 1 reply

Hi , 

Its been about 2-3 weeks that i started to have very large caches in my folder var/ezvar/cache 

My server crash all the time and i cant figure it out why it increased suddenly like this.

Can anyone help please 

Tuesday 26 May 2015 3:28:53 pm

Hello again pa bl,

I think we will need more specific information from you to be able to make useful suggestions.

Question #1: What version and stack (on your user siteaccess) of eZ Publish are you using?

Question #2: What is the total size of the cache directories when you start having problems?

Question #3: "My server crash all the time .." is a poor description of the -real- -actual- problems you are experiencing. What exactly is or is not happening (please be specific and technical)?

Also, what has changed since your last posts on this same topic?


I spoke about this issue with another user who was looking for a way to automate cache clearing somehow ...

I hope this helps!



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