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websitetoolbar.tpl custom template include question

websitetoolbar.tpl custom template include question

Thursday 01 July 2010 11:44:09 pm

Hi folks,

I'm developing an extension and have used the CustomTemplateList and IncludeInView settings in an override for websitetoolbar.ini.append.php.

These settings allow you to include custom templates from your own extension inside ezwebin's websitetoolbar.tpl - however, I couldn't figure out why my custom template - an HTML form - wasn't submitting correctly.

It wasn't submitting because the place in websitetoolbar.tpl where custom templates are included is in the middle of a form!

So I resorted to "manually" adding an include statement in an override for websitetoolbar.tpl to make my extension's form work.

I'd like to release this extension to the community soon but am not keen on either including an override for websitetoolbar.tpl for obvious reasons, or instructions on how to make the custom template work by editing existing copies of it - which seems just kinda clunky.

Can I propose that custom templates to be included in websitetoolbar.tpl via the above ini config declarations, are moved outside of existing <form> elements?

Or is there a reason why they were placed there?

Thanks folks happy.gif Emoticon

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