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What do you think is the best PHP IDE for eZ Publish on Mac?

What do you think is the best PHP IDE for eZ Publish on Mac?

Friday 23 October 2009 9:12:45 pm - 8 replies

We develop on Macs for our LAMP stacks, and I use Coda for most of our projects. It's not so bad with eZ Publish because the eZ template language is not very big. Coda is nice because of the SFTP. But, I don't trust how it implements SVN, so I use that from the command line.

But, when I build a new module, I want the PHP code to auto-complete. And I miss code-folding/hiding. So I would like to know what IDEs other developers use?

Friday 23 October 2009 9:49:19 pm

Free, open source: Netbeans 6.7 or Eclipse PDT

Commercial: Komodo

Personnally I switch regularly between Eclipse PDT and Netbeans, the latter may be the easiest to get started fast. It lacks a decent git plugin though.



Saturday 24 October 2009 3:28:03 am

I'm not much of an IDE person so I stick with Textmate and good bundles for PHP and eZ Publish. If you are looking for something else for SVN besides the command line you can use SVN from within Textmate, but the best I've found is Cornerstone.

Saturday 24 October 2009 12:13:21 pm

I use aptana ( Its based on Eclipse, and together with the smile plugin ( u have also template syntax highlightning, Code generation for operator extensions, Browser for all content classes defined in eZ Publish and TPL Validation using eZ Publish checkTemplate.

Because Eclipse is a flexible solution you can upgrade the IDE thru many plugins. You have a lot of different SVN plugins (some are included in Aptana), or if you want to try other Source Control System like Git, you are free to use them.

Since September ´09 Aptana is open source and 100% free.

Saturday 24 October 2009 1:46:30 pm


Have you had any problems with Aptana when developing eZ Publish (especially with eZ Components bundled/linked and/or under SVN control)?

We successfully develop smaller PHP projects with it, but trying to open just one eZ Publish project consistently leads to Aptana overfill'ing the hard drive (although we only use it under linux OS). Recently I've killed a brand new 30GB virtual machine with Ubuntu Desktop because I was trying to check out an eZ Publish installation...

Thanks for sharing any experiences that might be related,

PS. Sorry for the offtopic (I've just noticed this way mac dedicated...)

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Thursday 08 September 2011 7:33:46 pm

Thanks everyone for the replies. I tried Komodo and Aptana, and settled on PhpStorm.

@Piotrek - Not sure why Aptana does that. I do know that PhpStorm tries to index everything, so it takes 8 hours to get through all the cached PHP files! Not good. So we set it to ignore the var directory in each project. Done in minutes! Also, truncate the ezsessions table to help to keep the database manageable.

Friday 09 September 2011 9:24:26 am

I never liked any of the IDEs available and I mainly stick to using Vim (Linux boxes) or MacVim with a few plugins.

Friday 09 September 2011 11:30:39 am

I personally am using Eclipse + PDT + Smile eZ Publish Eclipse extension.

A few tips (now slightly dating though), in French (use Google translate if need be) on how to configure Eclipse to work on eZ Publish :


Tuesday 16 January 2018 9:00:02 am

My choice for Mac is Codelobster IDE


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