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What is the best way to contribute and improve eZ Publish?

What is the best way to contribute and improve eZ Publish?

Saturday 12 February 2011 11:58:37 am - 5 replies

Hello guys,
I'm using eZ Publish for a while and I want to know the best way to contribute. I'm knowing that eZ Publish is on SVN and GitHub but I don't know which version is up to date. Then, I'm not a member of the developers team so I think I can't commit directly my modifications.
So, does anybody give me advices or a kind of recipe to contribute?
thanks in advance

Modified on Saturday 12 February 2011 12:09:55 pm by Franck Magnan

Saturday 12 February 2011 12:50:41 pm

Only eZ Systems employees are allowed direct commits to the repository. Fortunately, github makes it quite easy to fork the repository, write a change on your own fork, and offer us to pull your change for integration in the official repository.

You can get started with this doc: and our github repository,

We have a big focus for the next month on how the community and the company can interact in the most beneficial way, and it is a pleasure to read such questions ! Do not hesitate to ask for more informations if necessary. About coding standards, our current basis are the eZ Components one: We will publish a consolidated version of these as well, but they're a very good starting point.

Saturday 12 February 2011 1:17:06 pm

Thank you very much for your link about forking project. I used to clone eZ Publish project from GitHub in eclipse workspace (with eGit plugin) but I did not know how to process after the cloning action.
I will try the forking action and I will tell you if I succeed or if I need help

Saturday 12 February 2011 3:05:49 pm

Hello Bertrand,

  • I have forked the eZ Publish project on GitHub.
  • Then, I modified the feedback_form templates because it displayed only email, subject and message fields. So, if we want to add a field to the feedback form, this field is not display until we override feedback_form template. I modified it to display all information collector fields.
  • when everything was OK, I commited my changes and push them to my fork project
  • now, do I have something to do to warn eZ team about these changes?
  • may my changes are too small? Do I have to wait lot of changes before push them?
  • Do I have to commit as soon as possible?

Thanks for your time

Saturday 12 February 2011 5:14:11 pm


As Bertrand mentions we are in the process of adding tutorials and doc on how to contribute. You can read on of the central pieces online on Google Docs until it is online on

Tutorial: How to contribute to eZ Publish using GIT

Saturday 12 February 2011 5:52:26 pm

Great sync with the tutorial, André blunk.gif Emoticon

Now for your changes, you can send us a pull request (, but the process is described in André's tutorial. You know where you can ask if you have problems.


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