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What processes require PHP command-line?

What processes require PHP command-line?

Friday 11 April 2003 8:53:48 pm - 3 replies

What are all the processes of eZ publish that require the installaion of the non-apache version of PHP?

Modified on Friday 11 April 2003 8:54:15 pm by Peter Bailey

Friday 11 April 2003 9:28:56 pm

None as far as I can see, provided you can live with a command-line browser (like lynx) or wget + some rewrite rules to run the cron jobs with these tools.



Thursday 17 April 2003 4:45:54 pm

I got this answer in another thread: some of the workflows (such as approval) require a cron, therefore need the non-apache PHP

Thursday 17 April 2003 5:23:08 pm

That's one way (using the command line php),

another one is to configure the apache rewrite rules to directly execute the cron php file (not letting it pass through the index.php script) when called over http. So no commandline php necessary. You can configure a cronjob entry with lynx or wget performing the http request to the cronjob's php file and dumping the output to /dev/null or some log file. I used that in the early days of ezp 2.2.X, now I compile me own php module and command-line client.



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